BB MT4 is one of the most traded custom indicators in Forex market. Even though, many forex traders still do not understand on how to trade BB mt4 correctly. The most portion of the confusion using the bb mt4 forex custom indicators is the point of all Forex custom indicators. I make it simple:

Forex custom indicators don't read the future. Forex custom indicators calculate past and current fluctuation. And then they reflect it in indicator lines, making simpler for traders to know a market price fluctuations.

BB mt4 indicator is helpful in identifying market price behavior. The basic bb mt4 indicator - in this post, I will share on how to trade using the bb mt4 custom indicator. Usually bb mt4 indicator custom occurs on Forex trading chart with two lines lower and upper band. The calculation of the bb mt4 forex custom indicator is not simple, but you don't have to understand it. The things that we should know is the bb mt4 indicator get narrower if the market price is in passive situation and the bb mt4 indicator get wider if the market price is in active situation.

Here are some bb custom indicator
BB - HL.mq4
BBands Stops.mq4

The purpose behind the bb mt4 indicator is to catch the market price fluctuation in bands. With this method, you can determine when abnormal market price fluctuation is moving.

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